I’ve been mentoring some folks new to cybersecurity for about a year now. I also stay pretty active on infosec Twitter and Linkedin. I see a lot of people who are interested in infosec focus on offensive skills and certifications required for pentesting and “hacking.”

I think about this often…

Azure Sentinel is Microsoft’s new cloud-native Security Incident and Event Management (SEIM) tool. If you use Azure AD (AAD) for your single-sign on (SSO) identity provider (IDP) for your SaaS apps, those AAD logs will seamlessly integrate with Azure Sentinel with the check of a box.

Azure Sentinel configuration for Azure AD

However, if you’re using…

In the modern device management and information security, it’s important to ensure users have compliant devices prior to accessing company data. This is becoming more and more common as more companies use SaaS apps protected by Single-Sign On (SSO) or SAML integration with Identity Providers (IDP).

Many organizations use Okta…


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